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3Kathy's Rail Photo Page

2009 Eight Days behind the SP4449 "The Daylight" Mom and I spent 8 day crossing the country behind a steam engine. We stayed in the California Zephyr Railcar Charters Cars plus the Colonial Crafts Car for the whole trip. What a way to travel! The photos are up in our shutterfly page. It was hard to sort them down to a manageable number!

50 favorite photos from the trip

Click here to check out some 1969 Baraboo Wisconsin Circus Train Photos (yes, we have been chasing trains for a long time)

crossingDoug and Laura's Wedding Train Photos

See our Shutterfly Share page to check out the rest of these!

Photos from the Yosemite Valley 100th Anniversary Celebration

Photos from the golden Spike Ceremony Weekend. What fun!

Photos from the NCRY Tripletank Steam Fest - March 2007

See the Pictures from the Golden Gate/Niles Canyon/Portola Railway move!


cowLook out for dead cow curve!

See slide show of the #3 out for a ride with one of my favorite construction projects (the YV330) in tow!


ncryCheck out the Niles Canyon Railway!

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